Legal and Forensic Medicine

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Legal and Forensic Medicine

Dr. James C Johnston is a board certified neurologist and barrister with three decades of experience. In addition to his consulting practice and charitable work through Global NeuroCare, he is a prolific author who has published peer-reviewed articles for a number of medical and law journals. Dr. James C Johnston has also contributed to over a dozen books including a chapter for the seminal authoritative text in legal medicine entitled Legal and Forensic Medicine, edited by Roy Beran and published by Springer Publishing (ISBN 978-3-642-32339-3).

A comprehensive multi-volume reference book, Legal and Forensic Medicine examines various aspects of legal medicine and ethics that define the fields of the 21st century. Topics addressed in this publication cover the full breadth and depth of legal and forensic medicine around the world, with practical applications in various international and intercultural frameworks. The text analyzes what the fields of legal and forensic medicine share and how they differ in terms of necessary qualifications and professional applications.

Contributing authors to Legal and Forensic Medicine hail from a number of countries and cultural backgrounds. There is a growing interest in the development of health law and legal medicine institutes around the world, and Legal and Forensic Medicine comes in on the ground floor of this burgeoning discipline to provide the foundation textbook for many courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate. It defines the place of legal medicine as a specialized discipline.​