Global NeuroCare presents statement at UN High Level Political Forum


The 2017 United Nations ECOSOC High Level Political Forum meeting culminated on 17-20 July at which time the Council and the entire ECOSOC system addressed “Eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions through promoting sustainable development, expanding opportunities and addressing related challenges.”  During the HLS, 43 countries presented reviews of their national implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as part of the HLS convened under the auspices of ECOSOC.  Members States and other stakeholders including Ministers, Cabinet Secretaries and high profile non-government organizations such as Global NeuroCare presented national, regional and international approaches to poverty eradication during the General Debate; addressed challenges and opportunities in global policies for the achievement of sustainable development via the High-level Policy Dialogue with various International Institutions; and focused on reducing multi-dimensional poverty in the SDG era during the Thematic Discussion.

Global NeuroCare was invited to participate because the NGO is in Special Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC (since 2013), accredited by the World Health Organization and affiliated with the Office of the Special Adviser on Africa.

Dr. James C. Johnston and Mehila Zebenigus presented recommendations on behalf of Global NeuroCare, discussing the relationship between non-communicable diseases such as neurological conditions and poverty, and how improving access to neurological care will result in poverty reduction, thereby increasing economic, social and political stability in developing nations.  They provided specific advice on how to advance capacity building in developing nations through guidelines to improve collaborative partnerships between the North and South, and suggested focusing on triangular cooperation to incorporate South-South relationships for the benefit of sub-Saharan Africa.

This was Global NeuroCare’s second presentation at the High Level Political Forum, in addition to statements at the Commission for Social Development and Integration Segments, and further discussion of this topic will be continued at the 2018 Forum.



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