Further discussion of cerebral palsy and electronic fetal monitoring

Neurologist and attorney Dr. James C. Johnston has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals discussing electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) and cerebral palsy.  In the 4 April 2016 Journal of Childhood and Developmental Disorders, Dr. James C. Johnston and Thomas P. Sartwelle discuss the myths behind EFM, outline the ethical dichotomy created by this scientifically flawed procedure, and propose a solution to change the clinical standard of care by linking EFM to the Daubert exclusionary evidence doctrine, thereby ending cerebral palsy-EFM litigation.  (See:  Thomas P. Sartwelle, BBA, LLB and James C. Johnston, MD, JD.  Cerebral Palsy and Electronic Fetal Monitoring:  Rearranging the Titanic’s Deck Chairs.   J Child and Dev Disord 2016; 2(2:5):1-10).


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